The Baptism class for parents and godparents has been suspended due to Covid-19.




  1. Godparents must be confirmed (must have sacrament of confirmation, be practicing catholic, if living with someone must be married in the Roman Catholic church and over the age of 16.
  2. Both parent and godparents must take the class before a date can be set.
  3. Bring to the office the completed envelope (will be given out at the baptism class), birth certificate, and proof of class for both parents and godparents along with $50.00 per child being baptized. The envelope must be signed by both parents.
  4. The child must be no older than six and a half years of age. If the child is older, then the child needs to be enrolled in Religious Education classes. (parents need to contact Religious education office (702-646-2266) for more information)
  5. No baptism date will be set if you are missing any of the above documents. All documentation must be complete before a date is set.


Information regarding baptisms

  1. If the father or mother’s name is on the child’s birth certificate and he/she is no longer a part of the family, we need at least one of the following:

a.)        a copy of the divorce decree which states that the parent wanting to have the child baptized has full custody.

b.)        a notarized  letter from the non-custodial parent stating that he/she is in giving consent to have his/her child baptized in the roman catholic church. 

c.)        If the parent wishing to have the child baptized does not know the whereabouts of the child’s other parent and does not have full legal custody, than he or she must wait at least six months then have a notarized letter stating she or he has had no communication or does not know where other parent is.

2. Please do not plan a reception without first setting the date in the parish office.