Parish Membership


Many people attend mass here at our parish, but are not registered parishioners.  It is important to be registered and for you to use your donation envelopes so that if you ever request a letter, whether its for being a godparent, sponsor, marriage, confirmation, tax statement or any other purpose, we can check our records and see that you attend mass here.  This would also benefit you if you would like to have your child enrolled in our Religious Education program or in our school, you would be able to get parishioner rates. If you are not registered in the parish, we cannot  issue or sign any type of letter, stating that you are a member of the parish even if you do attend mass here.   Families are required to be registered in the parish and contribute a minimum of $400.00 per year to be eligible for Bishop Gorman High School tuition discount.  You must be a registered active parishioner for a minimum of  3 months in order to get parishioner letters. If you would like to register, please fill out the attached form or you can find the registration form in the weekly bulletin; fill out the form and drop it in the collection basket.